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$ 359.99 $ 449.99 saving $ 90.00


$ 359.99 $ 449.99 saving $ 90.00
      • Complete with powerful, cordless handheld vacuum and upright vacuum, steam mop and mobile steam cleaner, the Nugeni Steva+ is an interchangeable cleaning appliance that replaces other cleaning products with one unique system. The Steva+ is a multitasking cleaning product that works as hard as you do.

        The world’s first, most powerful, lightest weight, ALL IN ONE, mobile or upright, steamer or vacuum, 
        clean anything, clean everything system. 


        The Nugeni Steva+ is an interchangeable cleaning appliance that allows for complete cleaning freedom for almost every room and surface in one’s home. Replace most all other cleaning products with one versatile system. Complete with powerful, cordless handheld vacuum and upright vacuum, steam mop and mobile steam cleaner, the Steva+ is a multitasking cleaning product that works as hard as you do. Utilizing Nugeni’s exclusive quick change technology, convert your handheld vacuum or mobile steamer into an upright vacuum or steam mop in seconds.
          • Environmentally & Family Friendly
            Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Engine- Patented 3D Turbine Motor featuring TURBO MODE provides better performance using less power than competing vacuums.
            - Quiet 70 DB noise levels (75 DB on TURBO MODE) allows you to clean without disturbing the whole house.
            large capacity dustpin vacuum- Large 60 cubic inch capacity dump bin empties with the touch of a button
            - Perfect for low to medium pile carpets or messes on any hard floor surfaces in your home!
            Built In Vacuum Brush- Built in On Board Brush Tool for quick handheld clean ups
            - Reusable, Cleanable, and Exchangeable
            Allergy Aware FilterAllergyAware filter with Dual Layer technology reduces allergy and asthma triggers.

            Ergonomically Designed for Comfort

            - Compact technology allows for a lightweight design - no more back strain!
            - High efficiency 18V Li-ion battery
            - Up to 22 minutes of run time between quick 2.5 hr charges guarantees you won’t waste time waiting on your Nugeni to charge.
            - TURBO MODE for those hard to clean or deeply soiled areas
            Motorized Removable Beater Bar- Motorized beater bar picks up dirt and debris. The beater bar is removable through top access for convenient detangling and cleaning.

            Vacuum Cleaner Accessories-Wide range of accessories for completely customizable cleaning in any type of space.


          • Nugeni Steamer Features

            Patented Boiler Steamer Mop

            - Patented High Efficiency Boiler produces super-heated steam quickly. The unit produces steam within seconds!

            - Quick residual steam shut-off means the steamer is safe to use.

            Large Steamer Tank Capacity Handheld-Large tank capacity provides up to 28 minutes of continuous cleaning without the need to refill. 
            -Use standard tapwater (or distilled water for optimal performance).

            Wide range of accessories for completely customizable cleaning in any type of space.

            -High Pressure Steam Nozzle with Detail Cleaning Brushes
            -Garment Tool with Brush and Steam Cylinder Tool with Washable Cleaning Cloths
            Ergonomic Steamer Design-Squeegee Tool for Windows and Glass
            -Extension Hose with rotating handle for comfortable use in any direction, and reduced stress on the hand and wrist
            -Convenient Fill Cup
            -Steam Floor Diffuser Base for steam mop conversion
            -2 Different Floor Steam Cloths for Steam Mop (for a total of 4 mop cloths)
            -Accessory Storage Bag
            -Steam Protective Floor Pad for resting your Steam Mop during useSteamer Accessories Nugeni

          • Benefits of Steam Cleaning
            Allergy & Asthma Relief

            eco cleaning with steam-Steam cleaning significantly improves air quality. Cleaning with steam means no irritants are projected into the air nor left behind on household surfaces.
            -When properly used, steam kills dust mites, bed bugs and fleas… and their eggs!  
            -Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses without the use of harsh chemicals.

             Save Time & Money
            -The Nugeni Steva heats up quickly for faster, easier cleaning.
            -Steam means speed. Stubborn dirt and grease is dissolved and removed by steam in seconds!
            -Save money – no need to purchase expensive cleaning chemicals.

            Sanitize & Deodorize Naturally       safe for kids and pets
            -The Nugeni Steva heats up quickly for faster, easier cleaning.
            -Steam delivers an odor free and hygienic clean – even in hard to reach places.
            -No harsh chemicals that harm adults, kids, pets or the environment.

            Easy to Use
            -All you need is water!

            Heavy Ugly Mop Bucket-Nugeni Steva’s lightweight design means no lugging of heavy, dirty mop buckets.
            -Ergonomic features put controls at your fingertips – no lifting or bending.
            -Steamers do the heavy work, with little to no scrubbing.

            Clean Anywhere, Anytime
            -Steam cleaners can be used to clean most any sealed surface.
            -Sealed Hard Flooring, Pet stains and odors, window coverings, sanitize Clean your Showermattresses, freshen clothing, unclog drains, clean tile and grout, disinfect toys, clean toilets and kitchen appliances, and much much more. 

            How does steam cleaning work? 
            High Efficiency Steam BoilerWater from the fill reservoir is drawn into the high efficiency boiler, where it is super-heated to over 260 degrees. The water vapor, or steam, created is pressurized – which allows for penetration of surfaces to loosen embedded grime that cleaning rags, cleansers and brushes cannot remove. Vapor steam is very hot. The heat causes the physical bond between grime and dirt to weaken, which makes clean up much easier.
          • Includes our Complete Line of Accessories 

            - Powerstick (Mopstick)
            - Handheld Vacuum
            - Handheld Steamer
            Vac Accessories:
            - Long Reach Extension Wand
            - Hard Floor Tool
            - Vacuum Tool Adapter
            - Crevice Tool
            - Extendable Brush Tool
            - Power Adapter
            - Charging & Storage Dock 
            Steam Accessories:
            - High Pressure Steam Nozzle
            - Bristle Detail Brush
            - Brass Detail Brush
            - Steam Floor Diffuser Base
            - Steam Protective Floor Pad
            - Squeegee Tool
            - Garment Tool with Brush
            - Fiber Cover for Garment Tool
            - Fiber Cleaning Cloth
            - Fiber Scrubbing Cloth
            - Steamer Extension Hose
            - Steam Cylinder
            - Fiber Cover for Steam Cylinder
            - Shoulder Strap
            - Filling Pitcher
            - Accessory Storage Bag
          • MANUALS
            Quick Start Guide
            User Manual

            VIDEO & 360 VIEWS