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The Nugeni Steva is the world’s first complete all-in-one cleaning system – cordless upright vacuum, steam floor mop, cordless handheld vacuum, and mobile steam unit.

How does the Steva system work?

Both the handheld steamer and the handheld vacuum snap into the universal mop stick, creating an upright cordless vacuum or an upright steam mop in seconds. The inter-changeability allows for complete cleaning freedom for almost every room and surface in the home. The Nugeni Steva replaces multiple cleaning appliances with one versatile unit. When not in use, the unit and the accessories rest on the charging base.

What accessories come with the Nugeni Steva?

The Nugeni Steva + kit comes with the following:
Vacuum accessories:
-Long Reach Extension Wand
-Floor Brush
-Vacuum Adapter
-Crevice Tool
-Medium Vacuum Extendable Brush
-Power Adapter
-Charging & Accessory Storage Base
Steamer accessories:
-Steam Protection Pad
-Steam Floor Pad Base
-High Pressure Steam Nozzle
-Window & Glass Squeegee
-Ironing Garment Brush
-Fiber Cover for Garment Brush
-Soft Detail Brush
-Medium Detail Brush
-Brass Detail Brush
-Scrubbing Fiber Cloth (2)
-Cleaning Fiber Cloth (2)
-Extension Hose With Rotating Handle
-Steam Cylinder Nozzle
-Fiber Cover for Cylinder Hose
-Shoulder Strap
-Accessory Bag
-Cleaning Tool

How is the Nugeni Steva different from other vacuums and steamers on the market?

-The only multi-tasking vacuum/steamer system on the market. No other product combines handheld and stick options for both vacuums and steamers all in one unit.
-Easy snap-in/snap-out interchangeable design with a dump bin that empties at the touch of a button.
-Ergonomically and lightweight designed.
-HEPA filtration reduces allergy and asthma triggers.
-Our vacuum’s patented 3D turbine engine is designed for lifelong suction and uses less power with better performance than competing vacuums.
-Our vacuum has the lowest comparable noise level on the market – only 66 DB.
-Our vacuum offers 36-degree rotation for easy and comfortable steering control.
-Our steamer boasts the highest steam temperature (248 degrees) on the market so it not only kills more germs but also kills more germs faster.
-The steamer’s rotating hose handle adjusts to any cleaning position, reducing stress on the hand and back.
-One touch on/off button.
-Automatically shuts off when placed in upright position.
-Longer run times between charges and a quick 2.5-hour charge time.
-Comes with a wide range of accessories for completely customizable cleaning and a charging base complete with tool and accessory storage.

How does the Nugeni Steva steamer work?

Simply add standard water to the unit and start cleaning. With a 90% efficiency rate, the steamer provides the fastest steam with less waste – there is no waiting for the unit to heat up. The amount of steam output is adjustable so you can use the right amount of steam for each job. The Nugeni Steva’s high steam temperature (248 degrees) makes stubborn messes easier to clean. When finished, the Nugeni steamer automatically shuts off when placed upright.

Why should I use a steamer to clean?

Steam cleaning kills 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses without the use of harsh chemicals, providing a safe solution for kids, pets and the environment.

How do I care for Nugeni Steva between uses?

The Nugeni Steva requires very little maintenance. Just dump the vacuum dust bin when it is full and occasionally clean and wash the HEPA filter. Clear the steam cleaner nozzle with cleaning tool included with the Nugeni Steva.

Where can I purchase the Nugeni Steva?

The Nugeni Steva should be available online and in retailers by Summer 2016. Look for details soon.

How much does the Nugeni Steva cost?

The retail for the Nugeni Steva is $399 and $499 for the Nugeni Steva +.

What accessories can I purchase for my Nugeni Steva?

With all that is included with the Nugeni Steva, you should not need to purchase additional accessories. However, replacement accessories and parts are available.